Saturday, July 9, 2011

A day to relax!!

We joined a very large number of Josh's relatives for breakfast at a place similar to a Vietnamese Pho restaurant.  While they all ate the guts of the cows in their soups, Matt and I stuck to familiar cuts of beef in ours.  The cousins, aunt and uncle we've met are all amazingly friendly and nice folks.  We got to spend the day with them, doing every day things... for instance, they needed to renew their passports... so first we went to the KK police station to pick up a background check for cousin Ivan, then off to the Immigration office while he and his siblings renewed their passports.  Then we went our separate ways from his siblings and went to hang out at a nice Bubble Tea place called Yo-Yos.  Who should be there?  His sister and other cousins!  Apparently KK is one of those places where you just always end up in the same old places with the same old faces :)  It was nice.  After that, a quick trip to the mall for a few last minute toiletries and a trip to a grocery store!

Matt and I have really enjoyed seeing the amazing similarities of Malaysian culture and every day life to our own.  We both feel that being here feels literally no different than in some of the ethnic neighbourhoods in our very own Toronto.  It is very multicultural here, being a big ol' mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay.... oh, and tourists.  Mostly Asian tourists, but still... tourists :)

We forgot the memory card for our camera today, in case you haven't already figured that one out :)  But have no fear... tomorrow's adventures will result in a photo heavy blog post.  I assure you of that.

Josh ended up out for dinner with an uncle on the other side of his family, and Matt and I opted to have an evening to ourselves, though Ivan offered to join us and take us out.  We love Ivan, but I think we both needed to have an evening on our own to venture out and eat without someone who speaks Malay to order for us.  A bit of a gamble and miniature adventure (though, we cheated, and opted for the expensive restaurant 3 doors down from our hotel which has A/C rather than one of the MANY street side restaurants which are a fraction of the price and exquisitely tasty).... We ordered fried rice and butter chicken, since we recognised those items as ones we both love... only to find they were not at all what we expected!

We weren't disappointed, though, because while they were certainly different from what we expected they were incredibly delicious!  The chicken had to sauce at all, but was served with a yummy crispy yellow substance which was kind of fried noodle-like, but seemed to be maybe egg, or a batter made of egg.  The chicken was salty, savoury and spicy, and the rice was full of eggs, vegetables and seafood.  Yes... Seafood.  My loving husband picked through it and made an area of Amy-Safe rice.  What a guy, eh?

Now we're back at the hotel, relaxing, reading, internetting and enjoying some down time.  I've even busted out my Lovey Boots.  I wear my knitted boots all year long when at home or the cottage, and felt they needed to join us on our adventure!

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