Tuesday, July 5, 2011


After an hour and a half flight delay (with us sitting IN the plane!) we finally take off for Finland from Toronto.  The flight itself wasn't bad, but we were exhausted and they served dinner at 1:30am.  Yay.  Then breakfast was served around 6am... so... even more yay.

But.  We made it.

And who should be waiting at the airport for us?  Tuula and Ossi Alho!  The coolest Finns we have ever met ;)  Tuula is an amazing tour guide and managed to show us all of the neatest and more interesting buildings in Helsinki as we walked through the market, to the restaurant we'd later visit for dinner to make a reservation, through some cute little streets and past interesting musicians and to a couple bars.  We visited the tallest building in the city, which has a bar at the top, and enjoyed a drink along with the view!

We enjoyed some local cuisine (reindeer and elk) at a super awesome "traditional Finnish" restaurant where the servers are dressed as wenches, and the menu is on massive wooden planks!

The Dessert Menu Logs:

The reindeer:

We saw lots of great stuff, but time (and battery) is running low.  More pics another post.  But now we have a 2 hr delay out of Helsinki and Finnair has given us some vouchers for food/shopping... so off we go to grab a bite!

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