Monday, July 18, 2011

Kuala Lumpur!! (day 2)

So, we get up nice and early to hit the Petronas Twin Towers before the rush, since you have to buy tickets to go up, and apparently they sell out before noon for the whole day.... and guess what.  Petronas Twin Towers is closed on Mondays... as is the discovery centre and art gallery we'd planned to see while there.  Burn on us.  Good news is, we geocached in the heat of the midday sun and failed to find any caches.  Oh, wait... that's not the good news.  The good news is, the mall was open, huge and air conditioned.  Holla.  We headed back to the hotel for a nap before dinner and enjoyed some Chinese Super Idol.  The talent was laughable and the acts were totally weird... but our favourite moment was when the lesbian performer sang Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl, and they CENSORED THE WORD GIRL.  Lulz.

We hopped back onto the KL transit and then transferred to the fancy mono-rail (insert Homer Simpson quotes here, right?) and got a whole new perspective of the city.  Kuala Lumpur is super beautiful.  We were treated to dinner at Madame Kwan's restaurant by Josh's cousin, Benny.  Despite Benny informing me that the reason I've been having nightmares is because I'm "haunted" (Malaysians LOVE to say stuff is haunted.  Like, I think we heard the word "haunted" more in the last 2 weeks than we have in our entire lives) we had a fabulous time, and ate way too much amazing food (chicken curry, Malaysian fried chicken, beef satay, veggies, desserts up the ying yang) and wandered about the totally over the top luxurious Pavilion Mall.  Holy shit that was a fancy mall.  On the way home on the mono-rail we kinda got on the wrong platform (despite 2 of the 3 of us verifying the platform sign) and ended up having an extended tour of the city at night.  Even more gorgeous.  Then, early to bed because we had a 3am wake-up call to head back to the airport to leave for Cambodia.

Our hotel in KL (the one inside the store in Chinatown) is pretty creepy after market hours, cause the bustling street vendors are completely gone and the steel doors are rolled down on all of the permanent shops.  Yoink.  As we were walking to the main street to hail a cab, we walked past a very sad looking prostitute.  The kind of prostitute that makes one want to ask, "Excuse me, miss?  Did you tuck or tape your penis?"  Anyways, we're walkin' with our huge backpacks and see this lone young man (a fellow gui-lo) who is apparently following us.  This is the exchange that followed:

Him: Ja, hullo, vhere are joo going?
Us: We're headed for the air port.
Him: I haff lost my hostel.
Us: Where are you staying?
Him: Backpacker's Inn.  I see joo with backpacks.  Zis is why joo I am asking.
[Josh pulls out his blackberry google map]
Josh:  It's about 200 meters behind us.  You've gone too far.  Go back 2 streets and turn left.
Him: Oh, go back 2 streets?  So, back to vhere ze ladyboy stands, and zen go again a street and left?

Yes.  Past where the ladyboy is standing.  Lol.

So, now we're in Siem Reap, Cambodia and it's suuuuuper pretty here.   Our hotel is beautiful and the staff are ADORABLE (we might try to bring home the girl behind the desk.  I'm not even joking) and outside our huge window we see a Buddhist temple and a huge grave yard.  YAY!  Monks everywhere, and awesome looking tombs and mausoleum RIGHT NEXT DOOR!  Okay, for those of you who might get freaked out by that, this is me... lover of all things spiritual and ritual.  Plus, I'm already haunted.  A little more couldn't hurt, right?

Me and Noddy, joyridin' through the mall at the towers.

Lolart.  Nice package, dude.

Petronas Twin Towers.

Matt decided to get artsy with the reflection of the towers in my shades.

Dang Wangi is the BEST name for a station.  Ever.

WTF?  I'm sitting on Polkaroo!

Fountain out front of the Pavilion shopping centre.

This mall has 7 floors of luxury.

Amazing band playing in front of the train station on our way home.

Towers at night!  omg!

In the airport in Cambodia!

Top of a temple and the mausoleums across the street.

Giant bottles of Angkor beer... 80 cents each.

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