Saturday, July 16, 2011


Air Asia seems to be the way to go when flying.  We have yet to hit a snag with our flights, etc. here in Asia.  We arrived in Johor Bahru, Malaysia around 9am after our very early morning call the morning after the mountain tried to eat my soul.  Achingly and with much groaning, the 3 of us made it to the airport bus depot and caught the Causeway Link bus to the Singapore border.  This required getting off the bus to go through Malaysian customs, then back onto the bus for a minute or two, back off the bus to go through Singapore customs and then back on the bus to be delivered to the Queen Street bus depot which is near our hostel.  Now, to do all of that, all 3 of us had to lug ALL of our belongings with us… THE DAY AFTER THE MOUNTAIN TRIED TO EAT MY SOUL!!!  My body has yet to forgive me.  Also, it would seem that fate has it out for me, because our dorm room here in Singapore is on the 3rd floor of a walk-up.  Yay.  Also, the ONLY bathroom is on the 2nd floor.  And it’s unisex.  3 toilet stalls, 5 shower stalls and 5 sinks.  No door.  So, there is literally NO hiding.  You get undressed and redressed in the wet shower stall, and try as hard as you can not to splash your clean dry clothes while showering.  This place is fine if you’re 19 or 20 and don’t give a shit about dorm life, but for the 3 of us in our 30s (okay, Josh is only 29, but still) this place is BALLS.  We’re anxious to get out of here and back into a hotel where we’ve got our own room.  Oh, and did I mention that they ONLY air condition this place at night?  No?  Well they do.  And I hate them all for it.  And breakfast is included, but you make it yourself and wash your own dishes. 

Anyway, so… we’re actually IN Singapore now.  The temples are abundant, fragrant, musical and bustling.  Passing the Buddhist temples in the market place is awesome because the smell of incense is so strong and beautiful, and you can hear the lulling chanting of the monks.  People are going in and out and burning incense and praying all day long.  The hostel shares a street block with a beautiful mosque, and last night’s service was audible through the streets.  The singing was melodic and enchanting.  I loved everything about it.

We shopped a bit at the Bugis street market place, and visited many malls.  But all in all, we’re just exhausted and need to catch up on sleep.  I think we’re planning to abandon most of our plans for Singapore just to rest our bodies and minds.

lol.  Dunkin' Donuts in Asia is funny.

As are restaurant slogans.

I drank a bottle of sweat.  HA!

Bugis Street Marketplace... Engrish Lovers HAVEN.

Too bad this sex shop was seriously lacking and more about gag gifts than anything else.  But the sign rocked.

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  1. I find it amusing that the one place you had to check out in Singapore is a former red light district. ;)

    - Dawn