Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Onward to Thailand!!

So... our flight out of Helsinki was delayed... by about 3 and a half hours.  Let me tell you something... I got on that plane in some kind of mood.  But, to be kind to my fellow travellers who were also tired, delayed, and irritable... I put a blanket over myself, an eye mask on, and earphones in my ears.  I didn't trust myself to engage in polite conversation at 3:30am local time when I'd only had about 4 hours of painful neck snapping head bobbing sleep on the flight TO Helsinki.

But, we were moving... finally.  And do you people know what happens in Finland at 3:30 am in July?  Do you? This- This is what happens:
 This is the glorious midsummer sunrise over Russia as seen from our plane just after take-off.  My mood was lightened.  I watched movies and TV shows on the plane... and for those of you know KNOW me.... holy crap, right?  I watched like... sitcoms and junk!  AND 2 WHOLE MOVIES!!!  (no, Anthony, I have NOT seen The Big Lebowski yet.  Stop asking.)

So now we're in Thailand, recharging my laptop battery (silly me packed the power adapter in the checked bags), showering, enjoying the wee geckos that run about on the floors startling me repeatedly, and OMG... sleeping in a bed.  A KING SIZED BED!!!

However... this glory shall be short lived.  I couldn't tell you what time it is here at the moment, but it's dark outside.  I know we're super close to the equator, so that happens early evening, but still... and we check out of here at 4am local time.  Soooo... I'm gonna shower, eat something, and hit the hay.  And tomorrow, my lovelies... we have 2 flights.  Two.  But then we get to stay put and unpack a little :)  Off to Malaysia!

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