Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting to Borneo!!

We got up for our 4am check out and managed to have not one, but TWO flights leave on time!!  Air Asia is a no-frills airline (no entertainment of any kind), but it's cheap, on time, and the staff are mega friendly!  So, after 2 shorter flights, we arrive tired but happy in Borneo.  And then... I get injured.

Oh yeah.  Yay for me.  Walking across the tarmac after our last flight, Matt stepped on the bottom part of my flip flop accidentally when I lifted my foot to walk.  Of course, the shoe stayed put, my momentum followed by Matt's momentum had me stumble forward causing my foot to be forcefully removed from a shoe that was going NOWHERE.  So, after some screaming, crying, and punching Matt once in the gut (sorry... I don't blame him, but in the moment I just needed to hit something and he happened to be handy) I managed to limp into the airport to grab our luggage.  And I took a photo of the immediate bruising that came up on my foot.  And yes, my feet and ankles were horrfyingly swollen after 3 days of being in planes and sitting upright in chairs.

But we made it, and Joshua Wong was waiting for us at the airport!!  We walked about in the evening, but of course, Matt and I were completely exhausted.  Early to bed.  The next morning, we were feeling rested, starving and ready to see Malaysia!!


Josh and his cousin Ivan decided that today would be a beach day!!  So, we hopped on a boat and headed for Sapi island for a swim, a snorkel, and some sun!!

Shark and turtle made by the beach lifeguards!

Monitor lizards roamed about, terrifyingly....

Matt and Josh were playing Poseidon and Neptune.  It was all... very... Matt and Josh.  I think these two missed each other terribly :)

We found Nemo!

[I forgot to mention here, that while on Sapi, I encountered my very first Squat toilet.  Well... I did it.  It wasn't fun, but I did it.  It helped that I was semi naked at the time, though.  I have NO idea how to manage that with pants around my ankles, but we shall see if time and practise pays off!]

After a full afternoon of sun and fun, we headed back on the boat to mainland for a shower and a change, and then... To the most humongous mall- 1 Borneo!!

Yes, that is a massive painted styrofoam Phoenix with glowing red eyes.  DEMON BIRD!!!  This is what greets people as they enter the mall....  Anyway, after roaming around the 4 glorious floors of mall we decided we should spend a bit of money and have some fun.... SHOOTING ARROWS!!  Yes, that's right, this shopping mall has an Archery Centre in it!  We may or may not have giggled far too much for the non-English speaking staff and fellow archers in the place.  We got a LOT of shifty eyed glances.

Then, off to dinner we went.  99.99% of the restaurants in Borneo are open air or outdoor trattoiria kinda places.  We sat on the sidewalk of this place and ordered ridiculous amounts of Indian food and for dessert, Roti Tissue!!  a huge cone of sugared roti flour made into a paper thin cone of amazing yumminess!!  It kinda tasted like roasted marshmallows mixed with crackers or something... salty and sweet and totally YUM!

Who knows what excitement the next couple of days will bring us??  Maybe fun with teensy bananas??  Stay tuned to find out!

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