Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday in KK!!

Firstly, we hit up the marketplace at the crack of like, 8:30am.  It had rained overnight so the temp was nice and mild and the breeze was blissful.  The sunday market differs greatly from the nightly markets... it has tourist souvenirs, groceries, herbal medicines, teas, pets, clothing, shoes, household items, tools, etc.  Basically, the sunday market is Canadian Tire.

Fish in a bucket

baby chickens and ducks

Tibetan terriers

the most bored child ever

machetes and cleavers?

coffee for the white folks?

THEY HAVE RATS THE SIZE OF KING KONG??  Kidding.  I have yet to see anything other than geckos here.

badass dog with vest, guns, and a pink fuzzy beret


Fox blend puppies!

Mmmm, a plate of Kon Lau Mee!

My new market bought dress!

The scorpion brought into the hotel by the driver dude... it's from his farm.  Whoa.

This is what Josh and I do in public to horrify Matt.  We are awesomes.

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